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Survival is the art of a human being trying to remain alive during unusual times. All of us need to be prepared for an emergency in the best way possible. To be prepared means being equipped with all the supplies that you may need to survive the disaster. Ensure that all your supplies are well put together and ready to go in case disaster strikes.

The key to survival is preparedness. Be keen to prepare and to assemble a comprehensive survival kit and gear.

Below are some of the essentials you can consider to be able to survive when disaster comes knocking.

• Alternative shelter

an alternative shelter is a necessity, whether you are caught up in a natural disaster or the middle of a wilderness. Consider purchasing a waterproof survival tent as part of your survival gear.

A sleeping bag that is warm and portable is another option for shelter. There also space blankets that are light and designed to retain heat. These too can be a great addition to your survival gear collection.

• Water

Clean water is essential for human survival. Ensure your survival gear includes a water filtration system that will come in handy in making any water you find drinkable. A water bottle is also important for storage to ensure you have water while on the go.

Do not find yourself stranded and dehydrated, a human being can survive weeks without food, but only three days without water.

• Food

You will not have enough space for a feast while getting ready for survival. You will need essentials to give you enough energy to go through the hard crucial times. Consider non-perishables and easy to prepare items.

• Clothing

Ensure to pack a sturdy pair of gloves that will warm your hands, give you a good grip, and protect your hands from cuts and infections. A waterproof jacket is also important to prevent you from the effects of adverse weather conditions. Pack at least one change of clothes as well incase your clothes get dump. A proper headgear is also essential to keep your head warm.

• Lighting

When the sun goes down you will need to navigate and lighting tools are crucial for enabling the same. Invest in a good flashlight that gives you enough illumination. A headlamp is also perfect for hands-free lighting. You also need an extra pair of batteries just in case.

• First aid

A well fitted first aid kit is crucial for your survival. Ensure you have medical supplies like painkillers for pain relief in case of injury.

• Navigation tools

Consider having navigation tools with you for example a compass for direction, a map of your area, or a GPS tracking system. This tools can be life-saving in a life and death situation.

• Important to also have with yourself copies of personal documents, for example, your identification papers, passport, birth certificates, and previous residence address.

• Carry with your close family contact information as well

• Equip yourself with defense tools such as pepper spray or a penknife in case you encounter an enemy.

• It is also important to have miscellaneous tools like a whistle that can be used to raise alarm or to communicate.

• Emergency cash is also important to enable the purchase of goods or services when need arise.