Sustain Supply Co. 9-08395 Essential 2-Person Emergency Survival Bag/Kit – Be Equipped for 72 Hours of Disaster Preparedness with Premium Basic Supplies for 2 People



  • 72-HOUR SUSTAINABILITY FOR TWO PEOPLE – With this 2-person emergency bag/kit, you’ll have all the basic, essential supplies needed for 72 hours of survival for two people, including two Sustain water filtration straws, reusable blankets, food and more
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY SUPPLIES – All of the items provided in your basic emergency bug-out bag (BOB) are premium. All items included: 1 small premium backpack, 1 Aqua Literz water (33. 8oz refillable carton), 2 Sustain water filtration straws, 1 pack of 8 bath wipes, 50 ft. Paracord bundle, 4 Cyalume SnapLights, 2 Mainstay 2400 calorie bar food rations, 1 LED Lantern, 1 MoraKniv Companion knife, 1 fully stocked First Aid Kit, 2 whistles and 2 reusable blankets
  • ALL YOU NEED IN ONE PLACE – With this emergency preparedness pack, you’ll have the peace of mind that you have the basic supplies needed for survival during an emergency. Save yourself hours of searching for individual products and money from purchasing them separately with one bag that’s ready to go with premium items
  • BASIC FIRST AID – After an emergency, health care providers may not be able to reach you for some time. Be prepared to administer minor first aid to with the first aid kit in this basic emergency survival bag. The 41-piece first aid kit contains: variety of bandages, pain relievers, ointment, gauze tape, sanitary gloves, and a first aid guide
  • LIGHT SOURCE OPTIONS – Extreme darkness during a power outage can make even the most steadfast nervous. With this 2-person basic evacuation kit, you’ll have light sources. Kit includes: SnapLights and an LED lantern to help illuminate the night